Diemaking Accessories

Hide Mallets

  • Manufactured from genuine Water-Buffalo hide tightly coiled, pressed three times under powerful hydraulic presses and seasoned for many months.
  • These carefully controlled processes ensure dependable hide mallets of uniform quality and maximum durability.
  • Three sizes available.
02-116 No. 4
  • Weight 340g
  • Head Diameter 50mm / 2in
  • Head Length 89mm / 3.1/2in
  • Wood handle
02-120 No. 5
  • Weight 570g
  • Head Diameter 63mm / 2.1/2in
  • Head Length 102mm / 4in
  • Wood handle
02-122 No. 6
  • Weight 680g
  • Head Diameter 70mm / 2.3/4in
  • Head Length 114mm / 4.1/2in
  • Wood handle
All weights and dimensions are approximate and may be subject to change without notice.

Rule Puller

  • Steel jaws provide long life
  • Changeable jaws
  • Plastic-like pegs protect rules on the dies
  • Fine-Tuneable pegs provide flexible operation


  • Round Punches
  • Available in 2mm ~ 24mm
  • Side Ejection Punches
  • Available 1mm ~ 12mm

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